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Friday, August 28th, 2015

Par l’entremise de l’Organisation porteur du Réseau, nous avions planté 7000 plantules d’arbres agro forestiers dans le territoire de Masisi plus précisément dans la localité de Kingi en groupement de Kamuronza

Ce reboisement vise surtout le couverts  végétal avec comme  effet la réduction des risques de perte des terres riches  exposées aux agressions des érosions en ce sens que le sol de Masisi est très fragile.

About us

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

The DR.Congo Climate Change Network/ Reseau sur le Changement Climatique RDC is the main Leading Civil Society and Indigenous organisations Network in the Democratic Republic of Congo adressing  the issues related to Climate change,

The DRC Climate Change Network  (RCCRDC) is the official representation of the Panafrican Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mission, Vision & Objectives

To develop and promote pro-poor development and equity based positions relevant for Congo and Africa in the National, Regional and International climate change dialogue and related processes.

A global environment free from the threat of climate change with sustainable development, equity and justice for all.


RCCRDC aims to be an effective Congolese CSO’s platform, and Chapter of the Continental Climate Justice Alliance( Panafrican Climate Justice Alliance) in Congo with the aim to share information, strategize jointly, coordinate engagement with Congolese and African governments and other relevant stakeholders, and advocate for fairness and justice in international climate change and sustainable development processes in order to adequately protect the climate while safeguarding human rights and pro-poor development and intervene in the implementation of strategies, activities as response to the effect of Climate Change

Strategic objectives include:

  • To maintain liaison and facilitation, whether by meetings, correspondence or otherwise with member organizations, and international partners, and to encourage and promote climate-related development initiatives that benefit the members and stakeholders.
  • To mobilize and build capacity of stakeholders by offering technical assistance including training and finding out the effectiveness, needs , ways and means of improving the profile of the members, networks and affiliate organizations.
  • To improve coordination and information dissemination with Congolese and African stakeholders around networks around the climate justice.
  • To help formulate and promote a strong pro-poor development position to enable African governments and negotiators to effectively articulate and represent the African voice, concerns and perspectives.
  • To share advocacy and campaigning experience and coordinate with other like-minded southern networks.
  • To team up expertise, support, engage in, conduct and foster research and investigations into climate change and its impact on communities.
  • To promote of assist in promotion of any individual Organizations’ or Associations’ activities affiliated to or having similar objects as RCCRDC (full) or objectives intended directly or indirectly to benefit the Alliance.
  • Implement key activities as response to Climate Change effects.


  • Transparency and accountability
  • Integrity
  • Volunteerism and self help
  • Gender responsiveness and Inclusiveness
  • Professionalism
  • Fairness and Justice
  • Participatory democracy